We aim to remain completely independent. This is why we ask for donations. Your donation will be used for the locations of our action conferences, building a camp for actions and workshops, action materials for the large blockade and legal support for everyone who participates.

We hope to raise all required money with donations, fundraising, benefits, people that lend or donate materials and by giving all our efforts and pocketmoney. Will you help us? Together we can make Shell fall!

You can transfer your donation to the following bank account (you don’t always need the BIC code):

   IBAN: NL55 TRIO 0338 6023 80    
   Name: Steungroep NVDA

To give an impression of what kind of stuff we need money for, below is a part of the stuff we needed for last year:

  • A warehouse in Delftzijl to store materials (or €1800)
  • 12 workshop tents (or €400)
  • Banner material (or €500)
  • Chairs and benches (or €400)
  • A sound and light system and electricity supply (or €1000)
  • €700 to rent a mediabus
  • A stage (or €200)
  • A lot of straw bales
  • 800 roles of toilet paper (or €800)
  • €500 for a mobile kitchen
  • Organisation of five action conferences (5 x €800)
  • Dixies or compost toilets (or €2500)
  • 10 flipovers (or €750)
  • Communication equipment (€300)
  • First aid materials (or €500)
  • Fire extinguishers (or €100)
  • Waste containers and disposal (or €500)
  • 800 second hand bikes
  • Rent camp location (€750)
  • Bus transport from other countries (€2000)
  • Action materials, what that could be remains a surprise… (€4000)
  • Flyers, posters and Facebook advertisements (€2000)
  • Info-evenings (€500)
  • 10 action trainings (€5000)
  • A large supply of markers, paint, ductape, trips, rope, tape and tools (or €500).